OKAN Oil and Gas

OKAN Group Holding has been in the oil and gas industry for over a decade providing clients with logistics, facilitation, and gasoline refinery.

OKAN Gasoline Services produce the following specific fuel types: OKAN Super 97, OKAN Enhanced 95,and OKAN Normal 92 octanes respectively.

Since OKAN's launch in 2010, its brand 'Octane Properties' was recognized and easily distinguished for the quality and highest form of purity.

OKAN Gasoline

We produce, store, blend and deliver.
OKAN Group Holding has provided the most cost-effective gasoline to clients in the region for the last ten years. We have an active market presence in aromatics within the gasoline trading field, primarily as a blending component. We have established key relationships in many core-trading regions of Iraq, including national oil companies, major refiners, and numerous downstream partners.
Throughout our partnership with local and international clients, we have built an excellent reputation for our outstanding performance, high-quality products, and unique services offered at a competitive price and prompt delivery.
Our clients consistently renew and expand their businesses with us based on our solid performance, unmatched customer service, and fair pricing.


The most advanced on-demand fuel delivery service is now exclusively available under OKAN Group Holding.
OKAN GO is capable to supply up to 25.000 liters of gasoline  per day.
We currently supply gasoline to governmental, private, confidential, gas stations, and individual customers. Our logistics, distribution, and operations are based in Erbil city. We provide storage facilities and the distribution of OKAN Gasoline with full safety support and prompt delivery to every client.
OKAN GO mobile application is available on both IOS and Android as soon as the client enters their location, OKAN GO instantly delivers OKAN Gasoline to them.
OKAN GO supplies three standard types of OKAN Gasoline: European Super of 97 octanes, Enhanced of 95, and Normal of 92 octanes successively.
Finally, we provide light and safety checks to ensure the efficiency of our services and our client's satisfaction.


OKAN Group Holding has been producing cement for the last eight consecutive years. We currently act as the producing agent for massive projects with a capacity to manufacture up to 600 tons of cement per day. We aim to provide a ready mix of concrete and deliver it to the client on a set schedule.
We are now establishing a new plant that will produce up to 5000 tons of cement per day. OKAN Cement owes its success to the hard work and dedication of its 300 factory employees, who continuously deliver the most complex construction projects on schedule and at a competing price point.

OKAN Construction

OKAN Construction provides general contracting services, including turn-key construction, bridge building, tunneling, infrastructure, ground engineering, civil engineering, project development, and project management. Our legitimate partnerships with the public and private sectors allow us to expand and lead this industry further.
OKAN Group Holding covers all types of contracting and real estate development projects by providing value-added services, including cement production and construction solutions.