About Us

OKAN Group Holding is an international company with businesses covering oil and gas operations, cement production, and construction solutions. Throughout the years, OKAN Group Holding has gained a reputation for engaging in the most significant projects contributing to the region's development and economic growth. At OKAN Group Holding, we maintain strong relationships with all our partners and clients by providing high-quality cement products, cost-effective services in the supply of energy, and the implantation of full-scale construction projects. Using our combined experience, technical expertise, and local knowledge, we're able to deliver projects and services that contribute to the community, our economy, and future generations.

Message from the Chairman

It is my greatest pleasure to warmly welcome you to OKAN Group Holding, where commitment to providing professional and high-quality services is a top priority which is how we have been driving successful projects to our clients for the last decade.
Our company's foundation bases itself on strong ethics, integrity, and perseverance principles. In addition, our workforce and dedication to excellence are the most significant contributors to our rich portfolio of long-lasting client partner ships.
We have extended our services to both governmental and private sectors and supplied dozens of fuel stations under the OKAN Gasoline brand when it comes to gasoline. We have also provided numerous individual customers by launching the first on-demand fuel delivery service in the region called OKAN GO.
At OKAN Group Holding , we firmly believe that team-working and long-lasting partnership are vital contributors to a bright and fruitful future. At last, the record of our successful projects is an excellent representation of our capabilities and our strong presence in the industry.

OKAN Group Holding  Services

Diversity is the differences between people, the qualities, features, skills, and talents that make us humans unique and distinguish us from one another. We are proud of our diverse fields of an expert, where we have the chance to shine a. show a new level of industry-standard professionalism.


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Our History

OKAN Group Holding began its journey over a decade ago by trading oil products and after successful attempts, the CEO decided to expand into offering construction services across Iraq, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. As a result, the company has quickly gained a solid reputation by completing each project and delivering exceptional results to every client.

Since the launch of OKAN Group Holding in 2010, the company has prioritized providing the highest quality and efficiency to all its partners and clients. The company aims to extend its services to every potential sector, whether governmental, private, or operating under a confidential agency - OKAN Group Holding will pave the way for excellence and further development of the region.

The confidence and trust of our partners are rooted in the expertise of our highly skilled professionals that have extensive backgrounds and decades of experience in each respective field. In addition, every team member brings a unique set of qualities that diversify our operation. This is an essential building block for sustaining our exceptional performance over the long term.

Our team is our pride.


Our vision is to be a world-class provider of services in the sectors we operate in, renowned for our professional team, excellence in service and reliability of results.

Our mission is to serve our clients in a transparent, professional and reliable manner. We see ourselves as the extension of their business practices and hence endeavor to always go beyond the call of duty to ensure their ultimate satisfaction with our services.

OKAN Group Holding currently has two factories located in Mosul, Iraq

1. Badush Cement Factory
Located in Badoush, Hamidat District, Mosul, Iraq. The factory fulfills all requirements such as physical laboratory, chemical laboratory, mechanical workshop, electrical workshop, quality control, and more.

OKAN Group Holding currently has two factories located in Mosul, Iraq

2. Rafidain Cement Factory
Located in Badoush, Hamidat District, Mosul, Iraq.

We are internationally certified in cement production; all OKAN Cement factories follow the IFC performance standard.